Beautiful Autumn

I have said before, I love Autumn. The colours are simply spectacular.

Our lunchtime walks each day this week, have been down by the River Ure in Ripon. Each day the colours seemed to get better and better, and we managed to take some fairly lovely pictures!

The Pet Shop Ripon North Yorkshire, River Ure Ripon North Yorkshire
We coordinate rather nicely with the leaves!

Archie and Dexter love running through piles of leaves. It reminds me of my children who liked nothing better than picking up great handfuls and throwing them into the air! Hopefully before some dog had kindly cocked his leg on them!

 river ure ripon, the pet shop ripon north yorkshire 
Treats are always useful when trying to get Archie to sit still for a photo!

 the pet shop ripon north yorkshire, archie and dxexter 
I’m making the most of photo opportunities at the moment, it doesn’t look quite as nice in the foggy dull weather we’ve also had lately!


the pet shop ripon north yorkshire, river ure ripon
We HAVE to have a oaddle!
No trip down to the river would be complete without a jolly good paddle!


Just posing for mum!

Today we had a walk down to the river at lunch time. It was a proper Autumnal day, trees looking gloriously colourful and a few leaves blowing down to the ground. It was even warm enough to sit on my coat and eat my sandwich!

I thought at this point it might be a good photo opportunity, as the boys were glued to the spot, ever hopeful of a bit of ham and cheese!


archie and Dexter cocker spaniels, the pet shop ripon north yorkshire
Please can we have a bit of sandwich?
They sat beautifully and who could refuse two faces like that! My sandwich was shared three ways!


archie and dexter, the pet shop ripon north yorkshire
We can sit any more beatifully….sandwich now please!
The boys then had a mad five minutes (well Archie at first, who enticed Dexter to join in soon after!).

Archie and Dexter, The Pet Shop Ripon North Yorkshire
Time for a mad five minutes!