We have had so much rain recently, it’s meant extra dirty dogs, filthy towels, disgusting floors and revolting sofa throws……which in turn has meant lots of washing, lots of drying, lots of bathing and lots of trying to get the boys dry! Nightmare!

Archie and Dexter, The Pet Shop Ripo n, North Yorkshire
Very fluffy boys!

Also, as every dog owner knows, a wet dog leads to a slightly stinky dog or a very stinky dog (doubly so if you have two!). There are only so many candles and air fresheners you can use to try and mask THAT smell! So, it was at this point I decided it was time for the dreaded doggie hairdresser!

Off we trot to Leeds, to see my lovely friend Kath – a very experienced groomer, who kindly takes the boys off my hands for a few hours while I enjoy a dog aroma free morning somewhere! They are then handed back to me smelling like babies and looking wonderful!


archie and dexter, the pet shop ripn, north yorkshire,    dog groomer
What smart boys!
You wouldn’t believe these are the same pair of Cockers! Now we can enjoy a few weeks of easy wiping down and brushing, before we have to make another appointment! It’s just a shame the weather has suddenly turned cold!! That certainly wasn’t in the plan (coats are at the ready!)


Christmas continued!

This is me! I’m in the middle – with my 2 lovely staff on either side. They’ve been wonderful, I couldn’t manage without them….

the pet shop ripon north yorkshire
The Pet Shop Girls!

We’ve had a busy few days in the shop leading up to Christmas and I almost forgot Archie and Dexters Christmas turkey and teddy from Santa. However, thankfully I did remember at the last minute (before we sold them all) and they ended up under the tree ready for Christmas morning!

christmas, the pet shop ripon, archie and dexter
Pressie opening time!

Christmas morning was very exciting and the boys loved their presents. Both toys are still in tact, despite a lot of ragging, chewing and games of tug of war with them!


Dexter decided the turkey was his….

…..until Archie decided he wanted to share!

Christmas 2015 done!

Early morning walks

It might start off dark, but when the sun starts to break the effects are wonderful.

We’ve had such a lot of rain recently, it looks like Archie is walking next to a lake, when in reality it’s a flooded field!


the pet shop ripon north yorkshire We love our early morning walks

The new LED collars are fantastic! I won’t lose my boys with these on!


Beautiful Autumn

I have said before, I love Autumn. The colours are simply spectacular.

Our lunchtime walks each day this week, have been down by the River Ure in Ripon. Each day the colours seemed to get better and better, and we managed to take some fairly lovely pictures!

The Pet Shop Ripon North Yorkshire, River Ure Ripon North Yorkshire
We coordinate rather nicely with the leaves!

Archie and Dexter love running through piles of leaves. It reminds me of my children who liked nothing better than picking up great handfuls and throwing them into the air! Hopefully before some dog had kindly cocked his leg on them!

 river ure ripon, the pet shop ripon north yorkshire 
Treats are always useful when trying to get Archie to sit still for a photo!

 the pet shop ripon north yorkshire, archie and dxexter 
I’m making the most of photo opportunities at the moment, it doesn’t look quite as nice in the foggy dull weather we’ve also had lately!


the pet shop ripon north yorkshire, river ure ripon
We HAVE to have a oaddle!
No trip down to the river would be complete without a jolly good paddle!


Being Spaniels!

My two spaniels have some very important jobs to do!

They MUST check out every rabbit hole…  

Archie and Dexter, The Pet Shop Ripon North Yirkshire
Where did you go bunny?
…..they HAVE to  sniff every smell

archie and Dexter, The Pet Shop Ripon North Yorkshire
New smells are always goid!
  ……. they NEED to do lots of running around

archie and dexter,The Pet Shop Ripon North Yorkshire
Run doggie, run.
 …..and they LOVE to snuggle!

archie and dexter, the pet shop ripon north yorkshire
Snuggle time

To be continued 😀


Autumn walks…

The harvest is safely in and the fields are all bare, awaiting ploughing and reseeding. We have a small window while this is happening, in which we can cheekily take advantage and have a good run around on acres upon acres of land. We all thoroughly enjoy doing this. However, being the responsible dog owner I am revert to the designated paths once the fields have been seeded again!


The Pet Shop Ripon, Archie and Dexter, autumn walks
Autumn walks!
The low sun at this time of year makes for great photos with its gentle lighting and together with the backdrop of the corn stubble the colours are glorious!


The Pet Shop Ripon,  Archie and Dexter, Autumn walks
Archie , beautiful Archie.
The Pet Shop Ripon, Archie and Dexter, Autumn Walks
Its a warm one today!
The only down side to Autumn, are the shorter days ahead…….it’ll soon be out with the reflective jackets and light up collars! Watch this space for reviews soon!

Swimming……or lack of it!!!

I love to watch dogs swim. Some will immediately leap into the water and seem to enjoy every minute frolicking around in the river. Mine however, tentatively dip one paw slowy into the water and then progress eventually up to their tummies. They have never actually swum!!

That said, they do enjoy a paddle, a good shake, followed by another paddle and more shaking. (I think they do anyway!) They go as far as they feel comfortable!


Archie and Dexter, The Pet Shop Ripon, dogs swimming
Loving paddling in the river.
The river usually looks so clear and clean……however, one day we arrived and it was brown! It clearly didn’t make any difference to Archie and Dexter though!


Archie and Dexter swimming, The Pet Shop Ripon
Ugh…brown water!
One day, the ball went floating away…..I felt so sorry for the boys, as they could only watch and hope!


Archie and Dexter swimming,the pet shop ripon,
You get the ball Archie……..,no you get it Dexter!!
One day, we might start swimming….watch this post 😀  

Archie and Dexter,the pet shop ripon
Ooh another river to paddle in!
Sometimes the best places for swimming are just a great big puddle! (Or small flood!!)


Today, our first delivery of Christmas stock arrived. It seemed a little strange sorting Christmas toys and jumpers so early in September, but hey ho at least we know we definitely have something to put on the shelves come December!

Archie and Dexter were particularly excited to see all the new jumpers. Unfortunately last year we sold out of their size very early on, so sadly they didn’t get a Christmas sweater!

SO…….this time, we have had a try on and put a couple to the side ready for the colder weather. They both loved their modelling experience and as you can see form their happy little faces, they were enthralled to be the first to be wearing the latest trend!


The Pet Shop Ripon, Archie and Dexter
Loving this modelling business!
The Pet Shop Ripon, Archie and Dexter
We are not happy about all this modelling!