A cold and frosty morning……by Dexter

We had a beautiful walk this morning. It was very cold, frosty and fairly foggy, until the sun started to break through. One the sun made a slight appearance, the lighting was perfect and mum’s phone camera was at the ready (of course!).

Archie and Dexter, The Pet Shop Ripon, A cold and frosty morning.

We took the balls with us too, which Archie particularly enjoyed. I preferred to waddle along, taking in all the fresh new smells around this morning.

Archie and Dexter, the Pet shop Ripon Hurry up and give me that treat, my bottom’s freezing!

This is me posing. Mum was standing in front holding a treat, which is why I was so obliging.  Just wish she didn’t take so long though – crikey, its cold on one’s bottom when it’s frosty!

Archie and d cuter, the pet shop ripon Ball……please give me that ball!

This is Archie posing. He didn’t need a treat holding in front of him – the ball was enough of an enticement!

Archie and Dexter, the pet shop ripon It’s MINE!

We did enjoy ourselves so much. Papa (in the background) had lots of fun too, although he didn’t move around as much as we did….haha! Mum called him lazy!!

A day in the life of a shop dog!

As you may or may not know, we own a small and very sweet (well we think so!) pet shop in the centre of the wonderful city of Ripon. 

Us boys do many very important jobs when we are at the shop and would like to share some of these roles with you…

1. Models…

dexter and archie model dogs, the  pet shop ripon
Modelling the lastest fashions…

2. Bed tester…

archie and dexter, the pet shop ripon
When one bed just isnt enough!

3. Product quality controller….

atchie and dexter, the pet shop ripon
Looks just fine to me!

4. Congratulators!

the pet shop ripon, archie and dexter
Our special congratulations to our local boy Jack Laugher during the Olympics 2016

5. Livestock supervisor!

atchie and dexter, the pet shop ripon
Yep, all present and correct!

We will maybe continue this next week πŸ˜˜πŸ‘πŸ»β€οΈπŸΆπŸΆ

FRIENDS (Part 2!)

So…..all good things come to an end and our lovely friend Lola has now gone back home. It seems very quiet without her!

We all enjoyed lots of fun and frolics, for the 2 weeks she stayed with us. 

We taught her all about being a shop dog….

….and the best way to ‘shoplift’ treats!

the pet shop ripon, north yorkshire
Yummy chicken feet…

We had some lovely times together.

The seaside….

beach, archie and dexter, the pet shop ripon
We do like to be beside the sea…

Mum put Lola back on the lead at the beach, as she kept running into the sea!

We also showed Lola some other water, which wasn’t quite as blue as the sea!

the pet shop ripon, north yorkshire
Lovely water!

Introduced her to our cow friends….

Best friends…❀️❀️❀️

archie and dexter, the pet shop ripon
Best friends

See you again soon Little Lola xxx


We love walks in the sun. Today we ventured out quite early, before it got too hot! Can’t believe I’m actually saying that…(I wonder if I’ll be able to say ‘too hot’ again this year?).

The boys had a ball. They are like spring lambs at the moment – full of fun and mischief!


archie and dexter, the  pet shop ripon
Erm….I appear to be stuck..
Someone, namely Dexter, managed to find himself stuck at the other side of a fence. Archie had to go and rescue him and show him the way out. Such a clever pooch!


archie and dxter, the pet shop ripon
Come on…..HELP me get out of here!
After a good run about, it was home for lots of water and rest time in the shade (?) Why do dogs sometimes insist on lying in full sun. I ended up going indoors, so they’d follow and cool down! Doh!


The Sun Is Here!

I can’t believe we have finally had FOUR lovely days in a row! Wow!

We’ve managed some lovely sunny walks and the boys have managed to stay clean, after their recent hair cuts!


archie and dexter, the pet shop ripon
Can we have our treat now?
Look how perfectly we are staying…..there must be a treat involved!


dexter, the pet shop ripon, dog, north yorkshire
Look at me sitting like a good boy!

Dexter is sitting very proudly after rolling in deceased wildlife – I spoke too soon about them staying clean!


drxter rolling, the pet shop ripon, north yorkshire
Eau de dead bird….yes please!
Just look at the expression on Dexter’s face…….he’s enjoying every minute!

We were cold!

We’ve certainly had our fair share of rain, cold, more rain, more cold, even more rain and even more cold recently! Roll on some lovely sunny weather….please!

During one lunchtime walkies this week, the boys (and me) got rather wet. We came back to the shop, and none of us could get warm – despite the heater being on. This called for drastic action – work fleeces for everyone!  

archie and dexter, the pet shop ripon
Staff members now!
The boys snuggled up together, proudly modelling their new work wear. Does this mean they are now ‘proper’ members of staff, which means wages and more treats!

(Thankfully they did soon warm up!)

arche and dexter, the oet shop,ripon
Staff fleeces!


We have had so much rain recently, it’s meant extra dirty dogs, filthy towels, disgusting floors and revolting sofa throws……which in turn has meant lots of washing, lots of drying, lots of bathing and lots of trying to get the boys dry! Nightmare!

Archie and Dexter, The Pet Shop Ripo n, North Yorkshire
Very fluffy boys!

Also, as every dog owner knows, a wet dog leads to a slightly stinky dog or a very stinky dog (doubly so if you have two!). There are only so many candles and air fresheners you can use to try and mask THAT smell! So, it was at this point I decided it was time for the dreaded doggie hairdresser!

Off we trot to Leeds, to see my lovely friend Kath – a very experienced groomer, who kindly takes the boys off my hands for a few hours while I enjoy a dog aroma free morning somewhere! They are then handed back to me smelling like babies and looking wonderful!


archie and dexter, the pet shop ripn, north yorkshire,    dog groomer
What smart boys!
You wouldn’t believe these are the same pair of Cockers! Now we can enjoy a few weeks of easy wiping down and brushing, before we have to make another appointment! It’s just a shame the weather has suddenly turned cold!! That certainly wasn’t in the plan (coats are at the ready!)



We have had a lot of rain recently. Rain means wet walks, wet dogs and a very wet me! It also means a rather fast flowing river, which then means no paddling!

So……we have been making our own entertainment, using a huge puddle we came across under a bridge in Ripon.


Archie and Dexter, The Pet Shop Ripon North Yorkshire, River Ure, Ripon
Puddle paddling!
After a dark sky full of clouds all morning, the sun managed to come out in time for our lunchtime walk, resulting in slightly more colourful pictures than expected!


The Pet Shop Ripon North Yorkshire, Archie and Dexter
Rain water tastes so delicious πŸ˜€
I just wish there was an easy way to get the dogs dry afterwards! (Oh and remove that special damp doggy odour!)