FRIENDS (Part 2!)

So…..all good things come to an end and our lovely friend Lola has now gone back home. It seems very quiet without her!

We all enjoyed lots of fun and frolics, for the 2 weeks she stayed with us. 

We taught her all about being a shop dog….

….and the best way to ‘shoplift’ treats!

the pet shop ripon, north yorkshire
Yummy chicken feet…

We had some lovely times together.

The seaside….

beach, archie and dexter, the pet shop ripon
We do like to be beside the sea…

Mum put Lola back on the lead at the beach, as she kept running into the sea!

We also showed Lola some other water, which wasn’t quite as blue as the sea!

the pet shop ripon, north yorkshire
Lovely water!

Introduced her to our cow friends….

Best friends…❤️❤️❤️

archie and dexter, the pet shop ripon
Best friends

See you again soon Little Lola xxx


We decided at the last minute to make a little bit of effort for Halloween! Now the children are all living away, it seems a little silly carving pumpkins….but hey ho, we found a tiny one we’d dug up from the allotment, carved a small face and put it on display on the windowsill! (Along with a few candles!)


halloween, the pet shop ripon north yorkshire
Halloween Candles
We got one trick or treater…..the young boy from next door, who very politely helped himself to a couple of tiny packets of sweets. I even asked him if he’d like to take some for his sister but after some deliberation he said NO thank you!!!

Dexter enjoyed eating the lid from the pumpkin (which I’d removed as soon as it started cooking!)


Dexter and the pumpkin, the pet shop ripon north yorkshire
My special pumpkin – the lid was very tasty!
 dexter, the pet shop tipon north yorkshire