The Sun Is Here!

I can’t believe we have finally had FOUR lovely days in a row! Wow!

We’ve managed some lovely sunny walks and the boys have managed to stay clean, after their recent hair cuts!


archie and dexter, the pet shop ripon
Can we have our treat now?
Look how perfectly we are staying…..there must be a treat involved!


dexter, the pet shop ripon, dog, north yorkshire
Look at me sitting like a good boy!

Dexter is sitting very proudly after rolling in deceased wildlife – I spoke too soon about them staying clean!


drxter rolling, the pet shop ripon, north yorkshire
Eau de dead bird….yes please!
Just look at the expression on Dexter’s face…….he’s enjoying every minute!

New Bed?

It was a little chaotic in our house at the weekend! My two girls getting ready to go back to Newcastle, meant clothes everywhere, washing everywhere, stuff everywhere and IKEA bags everywhere!

One particular IKEA bag, proved to be of great interest to Dexter. He sat on it, sat in it, curled up on it and fell asleep on it! I started to think maybe I ought to invest in some for the shop and market them as ‘the latest fashion in dog beds!’ 


The Pet Shop Rippn, Archie and Dexter, IKEA bed
Loving the new IKEA bed!
It was rather a job extracting Dexter from the bag! I though he would have to go up to Newcastle with the girls at one point!

The Pet Shop Rippn, Archie and Dexter
I am not leaving this bag!