More modelling!

We have had another Christmas delivery! Some more jumpers and some very cute snoods! Yes, snoods for dogs!!

Of course we had to have another try on and a few pictures! For Archie and Dexter, it’s just another day at work! (They have to earn their gravy ones somehow!)


The Pet Shop Ripon North Yorkshire, Archie and Dexter
Archie is modelling one of our new doggie snood!
When we first heard about the snoods, we weren’t sure how many to order! A new product is always a gamble….would people like them…..more importantly, would people buy them! We eventually decided to order a dozen. I’ve bought 2 so at least 17% of the stock has sold!!


archie and Dexter, The Pet Shop Ripon North Yorkshire
Archie is really getting into the modellin business!
Archie was being so helpful demonstrating the winter clothing range! Here he is wearing one of the new Christmas jumpers. These are from Rosewood Pet Products..


Archie and Dexter,  The Pet Shop Ripon North Yorkshire
Christmas jumper time
If anybody is interested in either the snoods or the jumpers, please don’t hesitate to contact us 😀

Click on the link….The Pet Shop Ripon North Yorkshire


Today, our first delivery of Christmas stock arrived. It seemed a little strange sorting Christmas toys and jumpers so early in September, but hey ho at least we know we definitely have something to put on the shelves come December!

Archie and Dexter were particularly excited to see all the new jumpers. Unfortunately last year we sold out of their size very early on, so sadly they didn’t get a Christmas sweater!

SO…….this time, we have had a try on and put a couple to the side ready for the colder weather. They both loved their modelling experience and as you can see form their happy little faces, they were enthralled to be the first to be wearing the latest trend!


The Pet Shop Ripon, Archie and Dexter
Loving this modelling business!
The Pet Shop Ripon, Archie and Dexter
We are not happy about all this modelling!