A Much Nicer November Morning!

After all the rain and fog we’ve been having recently, it was an absolute pleasure to wake up to blue skies this morning!

My first thought was, a lovely long dog walk somewhere – making the most of the lovely dry weather.
We ended up at Nosterfield Nature Reserve….it was bright and sunny – a glorious Autumnal day (with the added bonus of a few puddles to paddle in!).


Nosterfield Nature Reserve, The Pet Shop Ripon North Yorkshire
Running through lots of dry leaves today!
We all loved being out walking today and other than wet paws, we all stayed wonderfully dry for the first time in as long as I can remember!


Nosterfield Nature Reserve, The Pet Shop Rippn North Yorkshire
I’m hoping tomorrow will be just as nice, as I’d really like another trip back to the gorgeous nature reserve! (I’m sure the boys would agree too!)


Nosterfield Nature Reserve, The Pet  Shop Ripon, North Yorkshire
Yummy puddle water!
I just love this picture – Archie has his adorable little tongue peeping out, after lapping up the puddle water!

Dirty Dogs (Again!)

The weather has been foggy and damp or foggy and wet, or just wet recently. Please can we have one day when my boys don’t come back from a walk covered in mud from head to tail!

I’m going through more towels than I actually have set aside for the boys….which means I’m now resorting to using our best bath towels….great! It doesn’t help that they’re cream!!)


Dexter after his walk, the pet shop ripon, north yorkshire
A rather miserable looking Dexter after his lunchtime walk!
The Pet Shop Ripon North Yorkshire, dirty dog walk
Two tired, dirty dogs!

Dirty dogs, archie and dexter, the pet shop ripon north yorkshire
Snuggle time.

Just posing for mum!

Today we had a walk down to the river at lunch time. It was a proper Autumnal day, trees looking gloriously colourful and a few leaves blowing down to the ground. It was even warm enough to sit on my coat and eat my sandwich!

I thought at this point it might be a good photo opportunity, as the boys were glued to the spot, ever hopeful of a bit of ham and cheese!


archie and Dexter cocker spaniels, the pet shop ripon north yorkshire
Please can we have a bit of sandwich?
They sat beautifully and who could refuse two faces like that! My sandwich was shared three ways!


archie and dexter, the pet shop ripon north yorkshire
We can sit any more beatifully….sandwich now please!
The boys then had a mad five minutes (well Archie at first, who enticed Dexter to join in soon after!).

Archie and Dexter, The Pet Shop Ripon North Yorkshire
Time for a mad five minutes!

Swimming update!

Dexter almost swam! 

Yesterday was yet another beautiful Autumnal day, so at lunchtime (when we can escape from the shop for an hour), we headed down to the River Ure in Ripon hoping for a nice paddle.

We often come down to Pebble Beach for some time out. It’s so peaceful, you can literally sit on the pebble ‘beach’ and pretend you are anywhere!


The pet shop ripon, river ure ripon, Archie and Dexter A beautiful Autumn day at River Ure, Ripon

I love how the boys just adore their time here too. They love to walk around having a good old sniff, followed by a paddle, another sniff, a shake, another paddle etc etc!

The Pet Shop Ripon, Archie and Dexter River Ure Ripon Simply watching that lovley water!


Watching intently at the glorious water in front of them!

The Pet Shop Ripon. Archie and Dexter, The River Ure Wow! Dexter is almost swimming – exciting times!

And we’re in! I couldn’t believe how happy Dexter was to paddle around in the deeper water – he was almost swimming! Almost…..but not quite!

Archie on the other hand got wet up to his knees! I’ll have to work on him!!


Dexter swimming, The Pet Shop Ripon, North Yorkshire There’s nothing like a good shake after an ‘almost’ swim!

There’s nothing like a good shake after you almost swam! Bless him, love them to bits!

Autumn walks…

The harvest is safely in and the fields are all bare, awaiting ploughing and reseeding. We have a small window while this is happening, in which we can cheekily take advantage and have a good run around on acres upon acres of land. We all thoroughly enjoy doing this. However, being the responsible dog owner I am revert to the designated paths once the fields have been seeded again!


The Pet Shop Ripon, Archie and Dexter, autumn walks
Autumn walks!
The low sun at this time of year makes for great photos with its gentle lighting and together with the backdrop of the corn stubble the colours are glorious!


The Pet Shop Ripon,  Archie and Dexter, Autumn walks
Archie , beautiful Archie.
The Pet Shop Ripon, Archie and Dexter, Autumn Walks
Its a warm one today!
The only down side to Autumn, are the shorter days ahead…….it’ll soon be out with the reflective jackets and light up collars! Watch this space for reviews soon!


On Wednesday afternoon two very special visitors arrived for a sleepover! My sweet sweet friend Zoe and her gorgeous Shitzhu Lola.

Before they’d even got to the gate, Archie and Dexter seemed to know their best friend had arrived and were beyond giddy. Tails wagging uncontrollably, bodies swaying enthusiastically and a great deal of high pitched excited (and slightly annoying) barking!

Hugs and cuddles were exchanged, then the three ‘musketeers’ enjoyed a good romp around in the garden – catching up on a years worth of playtime.Trying to get this trio of mischief to all stand or sit long enough to take a nice picture, was rather tricky, so please excuse the poor photos!


Archie and Dexter, The Pet Shop Ripon, Spaniels Dexter, Lola and Archie

The following day, I took everyone to Masham, North Yorksire, for a lovely river walk. The sun was shining and it was just perfect.


Archie and Dexter, The Pet Shop Ripon, Spaniels Yes, we can all sit beautifully!

The pooches all loved running up and down the river bank and paddling in the river, while the adults looked on smiling. Dogs are always such fun to watch when they are clearly having a ball. 


Archie and Dexter, The Pet shop Ripojn, Masham, spaniels Down by the river in Masham

The views along the walk are stunning, it’s well worth a visit. 


archie and dexter, the oet shop ripon, masham, spaniel Playtime

At the end of our leisurely walk, we treated ourselves to coffee and cake at Jonny Bagdads Cafe in Masham, where the dogs enjoyed a welcome bowl of water and delicious doggy snacks! 

We all had such a lovely time, with such wonderful guests and it was a shame when they had to leave later that day. At least my boys were able to teach Lola a few things during her short stay….the best place to find water, where to find toast, the best toys to play with and how to end up soaking wet and covered in dirt…


Archie and Dexter, the Pet Shop Ripon The best water is always rain water!


archie and dexter, the pet shop ripon Anything will double up as a toy!