A cold and frosty morning……by Dexter

We had a beautiful walk this morning. It was very cold, frosty and fairly foggy, until the sun started to break through. One the sun made a slight appearance, the lighting was perfect and mum’s phone camera was at the ready (of course!).

Archie and Dexter, The Pet Shop Ripon, A cold and frosty morning.

We took the balls with us too, which Archie particularly enjoyed. I preferred to waddle along, taking in all the fresh new smells around this morning.

Archie and Dexter, the Pet shop Ripon Hurry up and give me that treat, my bottom’s freezing!

This is me posing. Mum was standing in front holding a treat, which is why I was so obliging.  Just wish she didn’t take so long though – crikey, its cold on one’s bottom when it’s frosty!

Archie and d cuter, the pet shop ripon Ball……please give me that ball!

This is Archie posing. He didn’t need a treat holding in front of him – the ball was enough of an enticement!

Archie and Dexter, the pet shop ripon It’s MINE!

We did enjoy ourselves so much. Papa (in the background) had lots of fun too, although he didn’t move around as much as we did….haha! Mum called him lazy!!


Shock horror, last Thursday we were dragged to the groomers. We have no idea why, but mum said we didn’t smell too good, we looked more like sheep than spaniels and our fur was taking too long to dry. The cheek! I wonder what SHE would say, if we said that to her!

On Thursday morning we started off like this:-

archie and dexter, the pet shop ripon Before haircuts.

By Thursday afternoon, we looked like this:-

archie and dexter,the pet shop ripon Enjoying new haircuts (or not!)

You can tell by our faces we are not exactly ecstatic about this decision! 

To cap it all, our jumpers and coats are apparently ready and waiting – eek! 😬😬😬


Christmas is slowly coming to the shop. This can only mean endless days of being dressed up and photographed for all the social media sites mum uses! On the plus side, we usually get extra treats if we’re really good 😍

christmas, the pet shop ripon, archie and dexter

What on earth are these silly things? Why can’t mum model them herself?

christmas the pet shop ripon, archie and dexter
I am not impressed!

archie and dexter, the pet shop ripon, christmas
This is getting very worrying. How many more does she have? We will be demanding extra treats for this!

christmas, the pet shop ripon

What! I’m now a reindeer – great……. 😬😬😬

the pet shop ripon, archie and dexter

We think this is the final straw. Dexter in pyjamas!! 😂😂😂😂 

***update…. we have been rewarded with extra sausages so we are very happy. Also lots of people have said we are such good boys – which makes mum happy too ❤️ ***

A day in the life of a shop dog!

As you may or may not know, we own a small and very sweet (well we think so!) pet shop in the centre of the wonderful city of Ripon. 

Us boys do many very important jobs when we are at the shop and would like to share some of these roles with you…

1. Models…

dexter and archie model dogs, the  pet shop ripon
Modelling the lastest fashions…

2. Bed tester…

archie and dexter, the pet shop ripon
When one bed just isnt enough!

3. Product quality controller….

atchie and dexter, the pet shop ripon
Looks just fine to me!

4. Congratulators!

the pet shop ripon, archie and dexter
Our special congratulations to our local boy Jack Laugher during the Olympics 2016

5. Livestock supervisor!

atchie and dexter, the pet shop ripon
Yep, all present and correct!

We will maybe continue this next week 😘👍🏻❤️🐶🐶

FRIENDS (Part 2!)

So…..all good things come to an end and our lovely friend Lola has now gone back home. It seems very quiet without her!

We all enjoyed lots of fun and frolics, for the 2 weeks she stayed with us. 

We taught her all about being a shop dog….

….and the best way to ‘shoplift’ treats!

the pet shop ripon, north yorkshire
Yummy chicken feet…

We had some lovely times together.

The seaside….

beach, archie and dexter, the pet shop ripon
We do like to be beside the sea…

Mum put Lola back on the lead at the beach, as she kept running into the sea!

We also showed Lola some other water, which wasn’t quite as blue as the sea!

the pet shop ripon, north yorkshire
Lovely water!

Introduced her to our cow friends….

Best friends…❤️❤️❤️

archie and dexter, the pet shop ripon
Best friends

See you again soon Little Lola xxx


We have our good friend Lola staying with us for two whole weeks! Her humans have gone off to Spain and said she could have her own holiday at ours….

So, Archie and I have been happily teaching her all sorts of things, which we are sure her mum and dad will appreciate when they are home.

Firstly, Archie taught her all about rabbit holes and how important it is to poke your head down them as far as it will go!

Archie and Dexter the pet shop ripon
There must be one here somewhere!

Secondly, we taught Lola how exciting cow pats are, even the old ones. Lola carried this one to the gate, until our mum said she had to leave it in the field.

Yummy cow pat!

I very proudly showed Lola the muddy puddle and explained how tasty the water was to drink. She joined in very quickly.

Mmmm, this water is so tasty!
I also taught Lola how to play tug of war. She was very good at this game and we had a lot of fun (of course I had to win 😉).

the pet shop ripon
Tug of war…..

Finally, we taught Lola how nice it is to curl up close to each other at bedtime ❤️

Walkies ❤️

We are so lucky to have many wonderful places for walkies in Ripon. Down by the river has to be one of our favourites, but when time is of the essence – mum frog marches us to Paddys Park and we charge round chasing ball after ball!

Sometimes we run around so much, we need a quick lie down to recharge our batteries!

Dexter always plays the cute card, to try and get us extra treats!

Then it’s back to the shop for a snooze!

Lunchtime done!

And along came Archie!

Dexter was our first furbaby. It was love at first sight and it made us wonder why it had taken so long to add a dog to our family. We were smitten, so in love and totally devoted to this four legged, stinky and totally mischievous little pooch. Therefore it made so much sense after two years to add another adorable dog to our family!

We didn’t set off to try and find a matching one to Dexter, but when Archie cheekily trotted out of his pen towards us – the decision was made there and then….he was the one!

archie and dexter, the pet shop ripon
Dexter with his mini- me Archie
Archie adored Dexter from the start and Dexter adopted his role of big brother immediately. The bond between them was amazing – which made everything so much easier for us!


archie and dexter, the pet shop ripon
Me and my shadow!
We often get asked if the boys are related. They are actually not related directly, but somewhere down the line they have the same grandparent!

They are both orange roan and have similar markings, however, Dexter has very soft silky fur, whereas Archie’s is courser and curlier!


archie puppy, the pet shop ripon
Happy Birthday Archie – 6 years ago you looked like this!
Archie was 6 this week, which means we’ve had the pleasure of him in our family for almost that length of time.

Love them both dearly  – they have enhanced our lives for the better and I can only hope we’ve done the same for them ❤️❤️❤️

Still cold, but the sun came out!

Finally, the sun made an appearance yesterday and blue skies appeared. What a difference. Everyone seemed so cheerful, everywhere looked quite beautiful and there was a glimmer of hope that Spring was round the corner!

We all had a lovely walk down by the river at lunchtime, then strolled round our beautiful little city, admiring some of the lovely features we have – taking a few pictures with the glorious blue backdrop!


ripon market, ripon north yorkshire, the pet shop ripon
Ripon market – held every Thursday
Market day in Ripon was especially lovely yesterday…


victoria clock tower ripon, ripon north yorkshire, the pet shop ripon
Victoria Clock Tower in Ripon is steeped in history.
The Victoria Clock Tower looked superb, as we walked down North Road in Ripon towards the River Ure.


river ure north yorkshire
Our favourite place to spend lunchtime!
Our lunchtime walk wouldn’t be complete without a paddle in the River!


ripon cathedral, ripon north yorkshire
Our simply stunning Cathedral
Finally a picture of our iconic Cathedral, making Ripon one of the smallest cities in England. Well worth a visit sometime.