We have our good friend Lola staying with us for two whole weeks! Her humans have gone off to Spain and said she could have her own holiday at ours….

So, Archie and I have been happily teaching her all sorts of things, which we are sure her mum and dad will appreciate when they are home.

Firstly, Archie taught her all about rabbit holes and how important it is to poke your head down them as far as it will go!

Archie and Dexter the pet shop ripon
There must be one here somewhere!

Secondly, we taught Lola how exciting cow pats are, even the old ones. Lola carried this one to the gate, until our mum said she had to leave it in the field.

Yummy cow pat!

I very proudly showed Lola the muddy puddle and explained how tasty the water was to drink. She joined in very quickly.

Mmmm, this water is so tasty!
I also taught Lola how to play tug of war. She was very good at this game and we had a lot of fun (of course I had to win 😉).

the pet shop ripon
Tug of war…..

Finally, we taught Lola how nice it is to curl up close to each other at bedtime ❤️

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