We love walks in the sun. Today we ventured out quite early, before it got too hot! Can’t believe I’m actually saying that…(I wonder if I’ll be able to say ‘too hot’ again this year?).

The boys had a ball. They are like spring lambs at the moment – full of fun and mischief!


archie and dexter, the  pet shop ripon
Erm….I appear to be stuck..
Someone, namely Dexter, managed to find himself stuck at the other side of a fence. Archie had to go and rescue him and show him the way out. Such a clever pooch!


archie and dxter, the pet shop ripon
Come on…..HELP me get out of here!
After a good run about, it was home for lots of water and rest time in the shade (?) Why do dogs sometimes insist on lying in full sun. I ended up going indoors, so they’d follow and cool down! Doh!


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