Finally, the sun made an appearance yesterday and blue skies appeared. What a difference. Everyone seemed so cheerful, everywhere looked quite beautiful and there was a glimmer of hope that Spring was round the corner!

We all had a lovely walk down by the river at lunchtime, then strolled round our beautiful little city, admiring some of the lovely features we have – taking a few pictures with the glorious blue backdrop!


ripon market, ripon north yorkshire, the pet shop ripon
Ripon market – held every Thursday
Market day in Ripon was especially lovely yesterday…


victoria clock tower ripon, ripon north yorkshire, the pet shop ripon
Victoria Clock Tower in Ripon is steeped in history.
The Victoria Clock Tower looked superb, as we walked down North Road in Ripon towards the River Ure.


river ure north yorkshire
Our favourite place to spend lunchtime!
Our lunchtime walk wouldn’t be complete without a paddle in the River!


ripon cathedral, ripon north yorkshire
Our simply stunning Cathedral
Finally a picture of our iconic Cathedral, making Ripon one of the smallest cities in England. Well worth a visit sometime.

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