Over the last couple of weeks, a number of retailers and other establishments have been trying to promote our beautiful little city, by asking people what they love about Ripon!

Even Archie and Dexter have got involved!


archie and dexter, we love ripon, the pet shop ripon
Archie and Dexter love Ripon
We have had some lovely replies:

“Because there is a nice little pet shop”

“Because everyone is so friendly”

“Because there are some lovely walks” (the boys definitely agreed with this one!

“Because there are some lovely little shops and a beautiful cathedral”


we love ripon, archie and dexter, the pet shop ripon
just some of the lovely comments about our fab little city.
This was our display on our shop door – we’ve had some lovely comments!


we love ripon, the pet shop ripon
The Pet Shop girls! I’m on the left and the lovely Heather is on the right!
Check out our Facebook page for more photos!  (Thepetshopripon)

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