Recently I bought a Jawbone Up. For anyone who doesn’t know what these are, I shall give a very short synopsis! A Jawbone Up is quite simply a fitness gadget you wear on your wrist. It somehow tracks the number of steps walked throughout the day and records how well you slept during the night. I never imagined how obsessed I would become with this piece of black plastic round my wrist!

Now, I am determined to walk at least 10,000 steps a day! (Apparently this is a good average number). This is also great for the dogs, as they are dragged out for longer walks, whilst helping me to achieve my target. Obviously they are oblivious to my sudden keenness in striding out in all weathers…but I’m sure (I know) they love it!


archie and dexter,, the pet shop ripon
Run dog run….
I look at them running around the field (well Archie anyway!) and wish I had their energy – but at least I’m trying!


the pet shop ripon, dog walk , archie and dexter, thornborough
Lets play chase….
Dexter is such a sweetheart, plodding along in the field. If he was a human he would be like me (preferring to walk rather than run) or vice versa – if I was a dog I would definitely be more like him than Archie, (who just loves to run – all the time if he could get the chance!) I’d be the plodder!


dog walk thornborough, archie and dexter, The pet shop ripon
Oops, ear malfunction….

Archie runs so fast at times, he seems to have ear malfunctions!! Bless.
I say long may it last! I ended up walking round and round the living room yesterday as I only needed a few extra steps to make it to 10,000……is that ridiculous?

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