We have had so much rain recently, it’s meant extra dirty dogs, filthy towels, disgusting floors and revolting sofa throws……which in turn has meant lots of washing, lots of drying, lots of bathing and lots of trying to get the boys dry! Nightmare!

Archie and Dexter, The Pet Shop Ripo n, North Yorkshire
Very fluffy boys!

Also, as every dog owner knows, a wet dog leads to a slightly stinky dog or a very stinky dog (doubly so if you have two!). There are only so many candles and air fresheners you can use to try and mask THAT smell! So, it was at this point I decided it was time for the dreaded doggie hairdresser!

Off we trot to Leeds, to see my lovely friend Kath – a very experienced groomer, who kindly takes the boys off my hands for a few hours while I enjoy a dog aroma free morning somewhere! They are then handed back to me smelling like babies and looking wonderful!


archie and dexter, the pet shop ripn, north yorkshire,    dog groomer
What smart boys!
You wouldn’t believe these are the same pair of Cockers! Now we can enjoy a few weeks of easy wiping down and brushing, before we have to make another appointment! It’s just a shame the weather has suddenly turned cold!! That certainly wasn’t in the plan (coats are at the ready!)


One thought on “Haircuts!

  1. These two are my gorgeous `grand-kiddie-dogs`!! I am their grandmum-dog and I just love them both. They are in The Pet Shop Ripon at least four days a week and love meeting all the other doggies who walk in with their owners. Lots of cuddles and hugs for my lovely two grand-kiddie-dogs. See you very soon xxx


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