This is me! I’m in the middle – with my 2 lovely staff on either side. They’ve been wonderful, I couldn’t manage without them….

the pet shop ripon north yorkshire
The Pet Shop Girls!

We’ve had a busy few days in the shop leading up to Christmas and I almost forgot Archie and Dexters Christmas turkey and teddy from Santa. However, thankfully I did remember at the last minute (before we sold them all) and they ended up under the tree ready for Christmas morning!

christmas, the pet shop ripon, archie and dexter
Pressie opening time!

Christmas morning was very exciting and the boys loved their presents. Both toys are still in tact, despite a lot of ragging, chewing and games of tug of war with them!


Dexter decided the turkey was his….

…..until Archie decided he wanted to share!

Christmas 2015 done!

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