Dexter almost swam! 

Yesterday was yet another beautiful Autumnal day, so at lunchtime (when we can escape from the shop for an hour), we headed down to the River Ure in Ripon hoping for a nice paddle.

We often come down to Pebble Beach for some time out. It’s so peaceful, you can literally sit on the pebble ‘beach’ and pretend you are anywhere!


The pet shop ripon, river ure ripon, Archie and Dexter A beautiful Autumn day at River Ure, Ripon

I love how the boys just adore their time here too. They love to walk around having a good old sniff, followed by a paddle, another sniff, a shake, another paddle etc etc!

The Pet Shop Ripon, Archie and Dexter River Ure Ripon Simply watching that lovley water!


Watching intently at the glorious water in front of them!

The Pet Shop Ripon. Archie and Dexter, The River Ure Wow! Dexter is almost swimming – exciting times!

And we’re in! I couldn’t believe how happy Dexter was to paddle around in the deeper water – he was almost swimming! Almost…..but not quite!

Archie on the other hand got wet up to his knees! I’ll have to work on him!!


Dexter swimming, The Pet Shop Ripon, North Yorkshire There’s nothing like a good shake after an ‘almost’ swim!

There’s nothing like a good shake after you almost swam! Bless him, love them to bits!

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