I love to watch dogs swim. Some will immediately leap into the water and seem to enjoy every minute frolicking around in the river. Mine however, tentatively dip one paw slowy into the water and then progress eventually up to their tummies. They have never actually swum!!

That said, they do enjoy a paddle, a good shake, followed by another paddle and more shaking. (I think they do anyway!) They go as far as they feel comfortable!


Archie and Dexter, The Pet Shop Ripon, dogs swimming
Loving paddling in the river.
The river usually looks so clear and clean……however, one day we arrived and it was brown! It clearly didn’t make any difference to Archie and Dexter though!


Archie and Dexter swimming, The Pet Shop Ripon
Ugh…brown water!
One day, the ball went floating away…..I felt so sorry for the boys, as they could only watch and hope!


Archie and Dexter swimming,the pet shop ripon,
You get the ball Archie……..,no you get it Dexter!!
One day, we might start swimming….watch this post 😀  

Archie and Dexter,the pet shop ripon
Ooh another river to paddle in!
Sometimes the best places for swimming are just a great big puddle! (Or small flood!!)

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