I love watching dogs play.  It’s both fascinating and comical. A simple game of tug and war can demonstrate who’s the alpha dog and who is happy to submit to the other! AND the noises they make!! I love it.

My boys enjoy teasing each other in the nicest possible way. They will play tug of war with just about anything! If Dexter has a toy, Archie will also want it and he’ll do his very best to try and force Dexter to submit. (He never usually wins!)

The Pet Shop Ripon, Archie and Dexter playing, Cocker spaniels playing
Its mine, no its mine!
If you ever need a reason to get a second dog, this is it! They love each other to bits, they are wonderful company for each other and they play together and tire each other out (what more could you want!).


The Pet Shop Ripon, Archie and Dexter playing
its mine! I got it at last!
Here’s Archie with the prize ball. On this occasion he managed to achieve his objective and get that ball! However personally I think it was more because Dexter was hot and tired at the time and simply couldn’t be bothered!! 

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