Upstairs in our little shop is our hamster house.  We have two ‘rooms’, one for the boys and one for the girls with a glass divider in between. This often gives rise to questions from our customers, who haven’t noticed the cages are separated and wonder why we have both sexes living together!

We like to give the hamsters activity toys to play with and it’s such fun watching them play, especially when a new toy is introduced.  On this particular morning, after a cuddle and a fuss with the boys,  (we have no females at the moment) I changed the arrangement of their toys with rather pleasing results. They loved it! Who’d have thought by putting one bridge on top of another, would cause so much excitement!

The Pet Shop Ripon, Hamsters for sale, Hamsters

They charged round their cage, climbing, exploring and thoroughly enjoying themselves!


The Pet Shop Ripon, hamsters for sale, hamsters playing
We love to climb!
I love it when they come and say hello! How cute!

The Pet Shop Ripon, Hamsters for sale, hamsters

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