Here just outside our small city of Ripon, we have a fabulous ice cream parlour called  G&T’s ice cream which I have to say is well worth a visit!

After a wonderful walk with my boys around Fountains Abbey (another post sometime!), on what was deemed to be a very pleasant day, we called in for three icecreams on our way home. One for me, one for my daughter and one for Archie and Dexter to share. A very special gravy bone flavoured one, supposedly for dogs – but apparently humans also request this from time to time too!

At first Archie and Dexter gently licked at the icecream and seemed to be slowly savouring every lick. Having never really experienced icecream before, this was obviously a new experience to them and one worthy of taking time over!


Archie and Dexter, The Pet Shop Ripon,ice cream, G&T's icecream parlour
Loving this new exciting treat!
Funnily enough, the gentle licking and slow savouring didn’t last long! Suddenly the realisation hit, that this was a rather yummy delicacy which needed devouring as soon as possible,  to ensure there was no way anyone else could sneak a bit!


Archie and Dexter,The Pet Shop Ripon,  G&T's icecream
The facial expessins say it all!
30 seconds later, the icecream and cone had gone! An excellent recommendation!

We all highly recommend a visit to this lovely ice cream parlour and the gravy bone flavour is the one to pick if you are of the canine species!!

Archie and Dexter, The Pet Shop Ripon
Sharing is caring, even when gravy bone icecream is around!

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