Dexter and Archie love to sleep! 

Don’t get me wrong, they also love to play and eat and go for long walks, but without a shadow of doubt, their favourite pastime is to sleep! Ideally it would be on top of my bed, under my bed, or next to my bed! In reality, it is usually on their own bed, hanging out of their own bed or on each other’s bed – and we mustn’t forget the arm chair, the sofa, the rug and the stairs. (For some reason Dexter particularly, loves to lie on the widest stair and go to sleep!)


Archie and Dexter,The Pet Shop Ripon,Spaniels,Cocker spaniel
Sleeping on the sofa!
It’s lovely watching a dog sleep. They look so relaxed and content, I only wish I could fall asleep so quickly and look so adorable!


Dexter and Archie, The Pet Shop Ripon, Cocker Spaniel, Spaniel
Dexter takes full advantage of any cushions available!
Improvisation is important, we can always make a bed out of sometching!


Archie and Dexter, The  Pet Shop Ripon
A bed in a box!
Dexter and Archie, The  Pet Shop Ripon
Hanging out of bed!
Sometimes even gravel will do!

Archie and Dexter,The Pet Shop Ripon, dog sleepong,
Give him a lovely soft bed and he picks gravel!

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