On Wednesday afternoon two very special visitors arrived for a sleepover! My sweet sweet friend Zoe and her gorgeous Shitzhu Lola.

Before they’d even got to the gate, Archie and Dexter seemed to know their best friend had arrived and were beyond giddy. Tails wagging uncontrollably, bodies swaying enthusiastically and a great deal of high pitched excited (and slightly annoying) barking!

Hugs and cuddles were exchanged, then the three ‘musketeers’ enjoyed a good romp around in the garden – catching up on a years worth of playtime.Trying to get this trio of mischief to all stand or sit long enough to take a nice picture, was rather tricky, so please excuse the poor photos!


Archie and Dexter, The Pet Shop Ripon, Spaniels Dexter, Lola and Archie

The following day, I took everyone to Masham, North Yorksire, for a lovely river walk. The sun was shining and it was just perfect.


Archie and Dexter, The Pet Shop Ripon, Spaniels Yes, we can all sit beautifully!

The pooches all loved running up and down the river bank and paddling in the river, while the adults looked on smiling. Dogs are always such fun to watch when they are clearly having a ball. 


Archie and Dexter, The Pet shop Ripojn, Masham, spaniels Down by the river in Masham

The views along the walk are stunning, it’s well worth a visit. 


archie and dexter, the oet shop ripon, masham, spaniel Playtime

At the end of our leisurely walk, we treated ourselves to coffee and cake at Jonny Bagdads Cafe in Masham, where the dogs enjoyed a welcome bowl of water and delicious doggy snacks! 

We all had such a lovely time, with such wonderful guests and it was a shame when they had to leave later that day. At least my boys were able to teach Lola a few things during her short stay….the best place to find water, where to find toast, the best toys to play with and how to end up soaking wet and covered in dirt…


Archie and Dexter, the Pet Shop Ripon The best water is always rain water!


archie and dexter, the pet shop ripon Anything will double up as a toy!


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