I have to laugh to myself sometimes, when people come in the shop and comment how immaculate Archie and Dexter look! Admittedly on occasions, they can appear well groomed and smell delightful, as though they have walked straight out of the grooming room – but this is usually when they have just walked out of the grooming room! The reality is far from this!

Take one day for instance, when we were having a walk around Roundhay Park in Leeds. One minute they were both a rather pleasant orange roan colour – the next they were mud brown with an offensive odour of ‘eau de bog’ after leaping into a rather undesirable part of the lake!

Dirty spaniels, Archie and Dexter, The Pet Shop Ripon
Luckily for me, a passer by helped me drag them both out of the muck – it took two of us as they were so weighted down with dirt! Happily they were both absolutely fine although a little shocked and decidedly sheepish. How mean was I making them pose for photos!

Stinky mutt!
Stinky mutt!
The worst part of this experience, was having to lift them both into the boot of my much cleaner car – not the best thing to try and do without a large supply of towels and other cleaning agents!

A very dirty Archie, The Pet Shop Ripon
We did manage to restore our original colour, with much assistance from warm water and Ancol’s BB shampoo!

So, are Archie and Dexter always immaculate……… I’ll leave that with you!

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