Yesterday I thought we would try a little training while out on our walk!

Armed with a pocket full of sausages, we walked to our favourite field. It’s a favourite of us all because

  1. It’s enclosed therefore no escaping into the road
  2. It’s full of rabbits
  3. The grass has been cut and there are no longer any wicked grass seeds to get attached to fur (that’s another story)
  4. The views are amazing (that might just be my point of view though!)

As soon as the boys were unleashed – they bolted away chasing rabbits. Not a good start. However once  the word ‘sausage’ was mentioned they arrived back and sat perfectly

Yes we can sit beautifully!

Good start.

‘Wait’ was the next command, as I walked away. Such perfect dogs sat and waited patiently.

‘Come’ was the next instruction. Again they managed this without any problem!

‘Did we hear sausages?’

So what happened next! Did they come to me, heck no….they just didn’t stop and happily ran straight past! Oops!

Maybe we will try again later!

Bye bye!

I love my boys!

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