Although we are only a very small pet shop, we do have an upstairs showroom, with the larger items we sell, such as – dog beds, fish tanks, bird and small animal cages. We also have cold water and tropical aquariums, with a good range of fish.

It is Dexters job in the morning, to check the fish are all swimming around happily! He particularly loves to stand and watch the goldfish. If I ever lose him for a while in the shop, he can often be found lying in front of the tanks, mesmerised!

Archie on the other hand, waits patiently for any flakes of fish food I might drop as I feed the fish. He is my hoover and will swiftly vacuum any such delights from the floor!

Dexter  cocker dosniel, The Pet Shop Ripon
Dexter just making sure the fish are all just fine!
What helpful pooches I have 😀

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